Roblox Has Got More Users than Minecraft

Minecraft might be having a second again as a result of newfound attention from popular YouTubers and an uptick in nostalgia-induced playing, but even the world-building crafting game can not compete with Roblox.

Roblox, a favorite digital playground like communities such as Habbo Hotel and matches such as Second Life, has hit a new milestone — 100 million monthly active users. The organization celebrated by introduced an exclusive, limited-edition accessory for gamers, which can be redeemed at no cost. Get Free Robux generator No Human verification

“Roblox started with only 100 players and a couple of founders who moved another, unleashing this groundswell of creativity, cooperation, and creativity that continues to grow,” CEO David Baszucki stated in a press release today.

Roblox Has Got More Users than Minecraft

The business has been gradually building its user base since the game launched in 2005, four years earlier one of its main rivals, Minecraft. Roblox has become increasingly common lately, though.

To compare, Minecraft has 91 million monthly active gamers, based on Microsoft. The sport has seen a recent uptick in interest thanks to more YouTube founders, such as Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie devoting lengthy videos to gameplay sessions. New tools, like ray tracing, also captured the attention of players who’d walked away from the match. Other elements, including a new weekly show called Minecraft Monday from YouTube founder Daniel”Keemstar” Keem, have helped to bring Minecraft back to the forefront of gambling conversation.

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“Nine years after those kids are older adults or teens and nostalgia has put in,” Keem told Polygon. “Over the past two decades, Minecraft was added to meme culture, which makes it also cool .”

The new interest in Minecraft could indicate the Microsoft-owned match will surpass Roblox.