Instagram Restricts Some Features

Instagram is rolling out a new style called”Limit” that will allow account owners efficiently shadow prohibit a user who comments on photos with violent or offensive language.

The style can be activated for certain accounts by swiping on a remark, heading to your privacy preferences, or doing this on the individual’s account. Restrict makes it so that”comments in your articles from a person you’ve limited will only be visible to that individual,” based on some new Instagram blog article published today.

Since the man isn’t obstructed, people will still have the capability to find the comment by tapping a message that appears, like how muted answers on Twitter look. Account owners may then have the capability to approve the comment so that it’s public to everybody, delete it, or dismiss it. Instagram can also be removing notifications on comments that come from a limited account, which can be like Twitter’s present mute system.


Restricting somebody’s ability to remark will even affect direct messages. Any attempt to send an immediate message will proceed into a message request, based on Instagram, and alarms will not be sent. The message can nevertheless be read, but limited accounts won’t have the ability to see when it is read or when the person that has restricted them is busy on Instagram.

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Instagram currently allows people to block accounts and handle comments. Still, bullying is an issue on Instagram – one which the company has begun to take seriously during the past couple of years. In an article printed in The Atlantic last autumn, heavy Instagram-using teens described the degree of bullying on Instagram as”constant.”