Yelp Introduce New Feature & Support for Large parties

Yelp introduced its Waitlist attribute four decades ago, but the company keeps adding new add performance to attempt and make it even more appealing. Now, Yelp is announcing that parties of seven or more may now join the waitlist at participating restaurants, and people may start their searches with however many people they plan on… Continue reading Yelp Introduce New Feature & Support for Large parties

Roblox Has Got More Users than Minecraft

Minecraft might be having a second again as a result of newfound attention from popular YouTubers and an uptick in nostalgia-induced playing, but even the world-building crafting game can not compete with Roblox. Roblox, a favorite digital playground like communities such as Habbo Hotel and matches such as Second Life, has hit a new milestone… Continue reading Roblox Has Got More Users than Minecraft

Oscars 2020 Winners List

Netflix led into the 92nd Oscars with 24 nominations — the most of any studio — expecting to dominate award season’s greatest night the exact same way it’s dominated the entertainment industry. Instead, Netflix walked away with practically zilch. Check ziggysbyfame The streamer made out with just two awards: Best Documentary for American Factory(made by… Continue reading Oscars 2020 Winners List

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Instagram Restricts Some Features

Instagram is rolling out a new style called”Limit” that will allow account owners efficiently shadow prohibit a user who comments on photos with violent or offensive language. The style can be activated for certain accounts by swiping on a remark, heading to your privacy preferences, or doing this on the individual’s account. Restrict makes it… Continue reading Instagram Restricts Some Features